Wednesday, January 16, 2019

United States Army Light Infantry Veteran


Jeremy was what is called a Light Fighter with the 7th Infantry Division Light based out of Fort Ord, CA from 1990 to 1993. The term Light Fighter means the unit does not have heavy armor as part of their fighting arsenal. The team is equipped like the soldier on this page. The 7th Infantry Division Light Fighter was recognized throughout the Army by the torn camouflage worn on the helmet. Before arriving at Fort Ord, Jeremy attended Basic Training as part of a Cohort at the home of the Infantry Fort Benning, GA. While at Basic, the Cohort was shown the unit everyone was assigned to and ordered to report to in a few weeks invading Panama. The thought was he would see battle immediately. The forces were able to secure the area quickly and the Cohort never got deployed to Panama.

While at Fort Ord, Jeremy earned his Air Assault Badge and was the Honor Graduate for MANPADS. Air Assault School teaches soldiers how to repel down from helicopters and to hook-up equipment to them for movement. Jeremy ended up in charge of coordinating the movement of Hummers and other equipment via Sling Loads under Black Hawks and/or Chinook helicopters. MANPADS stands for Man Portable Air Defense System. It was designed to shoot down enemy aircraft such as fighter jets that may be attacking soldiers on the ground.

Jeremy has been to the National Training Center for Desert Training in Barstow, CA as well as to Fort Hood, TX. Jeremy also served during Desert Storm - the first Gulf War. He received his Honorable Discharge in 1993.