Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Real Estate School - Correia College

I recently launched a Real Estate School teaching Florida Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education Units. I will soon be adding Appraisal Qualification Courses and CEU's as well as Mortgage Broker Pre-Licensing Education. Eventually Virginia Real Estate Pre-Licensing will also be added. That is as far as I plan on growing the school at this particular time. The school is Correia College and only offers online courses at this point. I am writing my own course pulling information from the real estate book that I am working on that focuses in large part on teaching practitioners that are not Appraisers and Government Officials the importance of the Uniform Standards and Principles of Appraisal Practice. All of the parties out there, except for the Appraiser, don't realize they are breaking the law on a regular basis and no one before me was willing to bring this to anyones attention. The level of incompetence is shocking. I am playing around with the idea of creating a College that is Regionally Accredited allowing students to earn college level credit. It would be a specialty college that only offers degrees related in some way to the real estate industry. Degrees would be in real estate, real estate development, appraising, construction management, engineering, architecture, urban planning and interior design. It would be as online as possible.