Saturday, December 15, 2018

Virginia Real Estate Broker

I was recently finally approved to be issued my Virginia Real Estate Broker license. I was considering opening my own firm, but decided against it. The long-term plan is to move back to Florida and building a staff in Virginia just seemed like a waste of time. I am already a licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida, so the transition back would be very easy. I am excited for the fall since I will be starting graduate school to earn a Master of Construction Management with an emphasis in Land Development at Western Carolina University (WCU). I also recently learned that I got a scholarship to finish my Master of Accounting and Financial Management at the Keller Graduate School of Management. Once that is done, I will be eligible to take the CPA exam and be issued a license. I will have to squeeze that in while attending WCU. I can't forget that my Seminoles will make another run for a National Championship in Football. It's great to be a Nole!! 


Real Estate Development Program

I am scheduled to start the Masters program in Construction Management at Western Carolina University in the summer of 2014. I will probably attend, but I discovered a Masters program in Real Estate Development at Auburn University that really caught my attention. The program only meets on campus a few times a year and travels around the Country to study actual projects currently in the development stage at the time. The rest of the program is completed via distance learning. It is reserved for Executives with experience. The program begins only once each year. So, I will have to wait for the 2015 enrolling class if I do choose to go for it. Very interesting delivery methods and a good school.

Appraiser Certification

I finally earned the Residential Real Estate Appraiser Certification. As a result, I left the firm I was with for lots of reasons. I never posted who I was working for since I knew I would not be with them any longer than I had to. So, what now? I have launched Correia Consulting, which is an appraisal and valuations consulting firm. I will mainly operate out of Virginia Beach, but will also be setting up an office in Florida so that I can get out of the COLD Virginia winters for about four months each year. I am not sure what City it will be in, but I am leaning towards Ponte Vedra near Jacksonville. I even have the house picked out I would like to buy if I go to Ponte Vedra. I am setting up a conglomerate of real estate companies with the parent company known as The Correia Corporation. The first subsidiary is Correia Consulting and the second is Correia Commercial. A residential brokerage Correia & Company should be coming online soon. It will mainly focus on property management in its initial phase of development.


Sports Business

Team USA American FootballJeremy is on the Board of Directors for Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes. Its main goal is to help with the 
growth of American Football in Developing Countries all over the world and at all levels. With the growing movement of American Football around the world, it is TUSAAFSS’s
 mission to become the Best Team that will be playing American Football in
 developing countries that have not yet had the entertainment experience of the
 game. TUSAAFSS'S partnerships with organizations that are involved directly will
 help pave the way for maximum exposure of the sport in developing countries
 and help bring new relationships between different countries.
 TUSAAFSS will consist of highly trained athletes and staff members who will
 help with the training of new athletes, as well as entertaining along with
t he Stars & Stripes Cheerleaders and Mascot. TUSAAFSS’S games will be played
 internationally to show the true spirit of the sport of American Football.
 TUSAAFSS’S partnership with the Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes
 Foundation will mainly be to provide entertainment to the foundation
 when required. Please note that when we say Developing Countries, we mean
 countries that will be developing American Football programs.

Team USA American Football Stars & Stripes Team will consist of recently
 graduated college athletes and or former professional athletes. Each team
 member will be screened for athletic ability and character and will be
 supported by the Stars & Stripes Cheerleaders and team Mascot. The TUSAAFSS
 team will have coaches, trainers, and administrative professionals who will
 maintain the running of the team and help promote the different programs that
 will be set up in developing countries. TUSAAFSS'S Team members will be 
available at all events to show the true meaning of the sport and create
 partnerships with organizations that are interested in starting American
 Football programs in their Country. The team will be an advertising beacon
 for the sport and will look for innovative ways of displaying sponsorship logos 
directly on uniforms. TUSAAFSS will act as a valued entertainment magnet that
 will draw fans of all ages to the sport of American Football in developing 
countries. The team is run specifically from Sponsor driven advertising and
 donations that are garnered from the TUSAAFSS Organization.


Ultra Music Conference

For the first time since Ultra Music Festival’s inception (in 1999), the festival captured the city of Miami for two weekends, ensuring the deprivation of sleep for many Miami residents, but also providing a form of entertainment unrivaled around much of the world.  In 2013, Ultra Music Festival set a new attendance record with roughly 330,000 people from more than 80 countries gathering to celebrate the festival’s 15 year anniversary and listen to the music they crave.  Packing hundreds of thousands of people into 32-acre Bayfront Park in downtown Miami is no small feat.  It is also not easy to book the immensely popular (and expensive) talent to perform for the interested guests.

By the way, I was at that very first Ultra Music Conference, which was of course in Miami. It was also called the Winter Music Conference. If you want to read the whole article by Forbes Magazine. Click here.


Appraisal Technology Assessment

I was selected by an Residential Appraisal Firm in Virginia to test and evaluate appraisal specific and industry related technological tools. In addition, I will develop standard operational procedures for users that will be the design platform for the migration of systems over to a newer technologies. This could present a complete overhaul of legacy systems and an introduction of new technologies that will increase Certified Residential Appraisers and Staff's productivity. This presents an exciting opportunity to fully update two appraisal offices with the very best in technology that is available to appraisers and to create proprietary systems. This would in turn help create a competitive advantage against other appraisal firms, which have a tendency to not accept advanced technology. The learning curve will be steep for older appraisers. However, the payoff is potentially very substantial.