Saturday, December 15, 2018

Virginia Real Estate Broker

I was recently finally approved to be issued my Virginia Real Estate Broker license. I was considering opening my own firm, but decided against it. The long-term plan is to move back to Florida and building a staff in Virginia just seemed like a waste of time. I am already a licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida, so the transition back would be very easy. I am excited for the fall since I will be starting graduate school to earn a Master of Construction Management with an emphasis in Land Development at Western Carolina University (WCU). I also recently learned that I got a scholarship to finish my Master of Accounting and Financial Management at the Keller Graduate School of Management. Once that is done, I will be eligible to take the CPA exam and be issued a license. I will have to squeeze that in while attending WCU. I can't forget that my Seminoles will make another run for a National Championship in Football. It's great to be a Nole!!