Saturday, December 15, 2018

Appraiser Certification

I finally earned the Residential Real Estate Appraiser Certification. As a result, I left the firm I was with for lots of reasons. I never posted who I was working for since I knew I would not be with them any longer than I had to. So, what now? I have launched Correia Consulting, which is an appraisal and valuations consulting firm. I will mainly operate out of Virginia Beach, but will also be setting up an office in Florida so that I can get out of the COLD Virginia winters for about four months each year. I am not sure what City it will be in, but I am leaning towards Ponte Vedra near Jacksonville. I even have the house picked out I would like to buy if I go to Ponte Vedra. I am setting up a conglomerate of real estate companies with the parent company known as The Correia Corporation. The first subsidiary is Correia Consulting and the second is Correia Commercial. A residential brokerage Correia & Company should be coming online soon. It will mainly focus on property management in its initial phase of development.