Monday, June 26, 2017


House Bill 927 - Appraisers Remaining in Compliance with Federal Guidelines

It looks as if the State of Florida is finally gonna take a major step in an attempt to protect its Real Estate Appraisers. It still isn't far and reaching enough to truly solve the depth of problems the Appraiser faces, which in turn trickles through to harming the communities they serve. It is a step though and I am very pleased to see something positive happening for the Appraiser. One thing to note about this House Bill, it is being presented by a Republican.

Real Estate School - Correia College

I recently launched a Real Estate School teaching Florida Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education Units. I will soon be adding Appraisal Qualification Courses and CEU's as well as Mortgage Broker Pre-Licensing Education. Eventually Virginia Real Estate Pre-Licensing will also be added. That is as far as I plan on growing the school at this particular time. The school is Correia College and only offers online courses at this point. I am writing my own course pulling information from the real estate book that I am working on that focuses in large part on teaching practitioners that are not Appraisers and Government Officials the importance of the Uniform Standards and Principles of Appraisal Practice. All of the parties out there, except for the Appraiser, don't realize they are breaking the law on a regular basis and no one before me was willing to bring this to anyones attention. The level of incompetence is shocking. I am playing around with the idea of creating a College that is Regionally Accredited allowing students to earn college level credit. It would be a specialty college that only offers degrees related in some way to the real estate industry. Degrees would be in real estate, real estate development, appraising, construction management, engineering, architecture, urban planning and interior design. It would be as online as possible.

University of Denver - Executive MS in Real Estate & the Built Environment

I finally found that Master Degree related to Real Estate that I want to enroll in. The University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, has an Executive Master of Science in Real Estate and the the Built Environment. I am looking to get the additional 15 college credit hours needed so that I can teach Real Estate along with Business courses at a University some time into the future. In addition to Real Estate Development and Capital Markets courses, the program has a strong Construction Management component. It is a much longer program than a typical Masters degree. I don't really mind that since it touches all the bases of information that I am looking for to add to my resume. My eventual goal is to raise capital and venture into launching a development company that builds master planned communities and pushes smart growth onto City / County planning departments. We have to build smarter. The current way of development is not leading communities to better lifestyles.


Real Estate Book Project - Exposing the Dirty Little Secrets and Corruption

While being down in Orlando again for a couple of years, I finally realized that my knowledge about the real estate industry is above the vast majority of its practitioners. In addition, real estate professionals practicing in the market think they know subject matter and truly don't. The problem is even deeper because like many things in the business world, the smoke and mirrors hiding what it is truly going on is massive. I have even dipped into the world of politics without intending to. I ended up applying for a position on the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board with the intent of creating change. This has all led me to make the decision to author a real estate book that uncovers the dirty little secrets and corruption that goes all the way to the top. I have even filed four Petitions with the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board giving them the opportunity to take action that will help the Appraiser. This is important because they have not done anything to help Appraisers and made the excuse that change needs to come from within the appraisal community. They have no excuse now.  This book will probably shock consumers and anger people in politics as well as real estate industry working professionals from the Mortgage Broker to the Real Estate Agent and all the way up to the parties working with as well as those on the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board. I already have a well known book publisher wanting to be the first to read it for possible publishing and distribution rights.


"Appraisal Management Company" Business Expansion

After working as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser for three-years, I have seen enough to make the decision to open my own Appraisal Management Company (AMC). I have learned the hard way that the firms out there don't understand the Uniform Standards and Principles of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Since they don't understand the importance of this document and have not taken the time to learn it, they are breaking the law on a regular basis. USPAP is part of the Administrative Code in Florida meaning that it is enforceable. This incompetence is hurting the appraisal profession and I have taken on the fight to create change in addition to starting my own AMC with the intent of stealing the other AMC's clients. It is rare to have a Certified Residential Appraiser owning and operating an AMC. So, I have an advantage and should do well. Once I register my business with the Veterans Administration, I should also get a preference since my clients are Banks.


Florida Appraisal Instructor License

I have been back in Orlando, Florida for a little over a year now and finally got operations established. I was issued an Residential Appraisal Instructor License and have completed compiling all of the real estate licensing credentials I wanted. Since I spent two years in Virginia and acquired some licenses there, I am gonna go the extra step and apply for Instructor licenses in real estate and appraising with the intent of opening a real estate school online that is multi-faceted. I will also be looking into teaching Mortgage Broker and Home Inspector pre-licensing courses for students in Florida and Virginia.